Thursday, 22 November 2012

How Pressure Cooker Affect Food?

In this article the disadvantages of pressure cooker is explained. As we use different types of kitchen ware for making food. Every utensil has different property of food processing. The quality of food depends on the type of utensil we use. Most of the people all around the world are unaware about this fact. People are not aware that most of the diseases are caused due to these utensils. This article is based on the facts about the drawbacks of these utensils. 

                Today everyone around the world use pressure cooker for making food. This is now become very important part of our kitchen. But friends the food we make in pressure cooker is not good for our body. This is the cause of most of the harmful diseases or this is not a good utensil for making food. Below are some disadvantages of pressure cooker.

Why pressure cooker is not a good utensil for cooking food?
As we know pressure cooker is made up of aluminium and this is very bad material for making food and for eating food. Auminium is a heavy metal and is accumulated in our muscles, kidneys, liver and bones. Our excreta system is unable to extract it from our body. According to modern medical science the use of aluminium utensils is prohibited. In all the medical sciences whether it is allopathy, homeopathy or ayurveda the use of aluminium is strictly prohibited. If you are using aluminium utensil for making and eating food then you are eating slow poison. This aluminium poisoning cause a lot of disease and a day come when it finish our life.

The popularity of pressure cooker is due to the time it takes for cooking food. That’s why people use pressure cooker for making food. Other open utensil however takes little more time than pressure cooker. But they are unaware of the fact that the food made in pressure cooker is not completely cooked. Pressure cooker does not cook the food completely. It actually breaks the food elements with the pressure of the steam which is made inside due the boiling process of food. So the food is only broken not cooked well. The taste of the food made is not good as compared to the food made in open pot.